Diocesan Payroll Service

The Diocese of New York offers a complete payroll service to those congregations that wish to join.   We need to know by November if you’ll be joining the payroll service the following January 1.


In 1998, we started the Diocesan Payroll service with 12 congregations. Currently we are up to more than 600 employees in 140 congregations and related ministries such as parish-sponsored nursery schools and summer camps. The payroll service will relieve your congregation of complete responsibility for all payroll tax related filings-Federal, State and local income tax, Social Security and Medicare taxes, NYS Unemployment insurance, NYS disability insurance, and Workers’ Compensation insurance. (You will, of course, continue to pay your share of these taxes and types of insurance, but the diocesan office will see to all the filings.) When you use a commercial payroll service that is responsible for tax filings, you authorize the service to debit your bank account for the amount of the payroll and related taxes. The diocesan service is set up the same way. We will initiate a debit to your account for the amount of the payroll and related taxes and charges on the days indicated on the attached calendar.  We will email the statement/invoice  showing the amount we will debit your account two (2) business days before we take the funds.  You will be able to post to your ledger directly from our statement.  Our communications are efficient, timely and clear. Your employees can also set aside on a pre-tax basis into a Medical Flexible Spending Account to pay for unreimbursed medical expenses.

Disability, Worker's Comp and Unemployment

We cover all lay employees for disability and Workers’ Compensation insurance.  We cover all lay employees for unemployment insurance (SUI). Your employees will be carried on our disability, Worker’s Comp, and SUI policies. Disability and Worker’s Comp are annual charges that come in the spring.  We will tell you what the charges are and work out the payment.  You may save on the Worker’s Comp premium. For SUI you will be set up on a direct reimbursement basis. When you enroll in the diocesan payroll service, a small percentage of the payroll is set aside each pay period for any claims paid on behalf of lay employees on the service. The reserve fund contributes 2/3 of the claim and the parish pays the remainder.

How It Works

How it works

    • Pay periods end on the 15th and the 30th of each month.
    • You need to give us all additions, changes, and terminations, as well as hours to be paid, by noon usually around the 2nd and the 16th of each month. See the Payroll Calendar on the side bar.
    • Checks are produced about a week in advance of the end of the pay period.  Your employees will be encouraged to use direct deposit; their paychecks will be deposited electronically into their bank accounts
    • Salaried employees will be paid up to date. That is, a salaried employee will receive his/her pay for the first half of the month on the first pay date of the month.
    • Hourly employees must be paid with a lag. For example, you will tell us by March 2nd of the hours worked by the employee from February 16th through the 28th. The employee will be paid for the second half of February with the check dated March 15th.

What It Costs

The fee is $6.00 per person paid per payroll processing (Payroll is processed twice a month.)

Signing Up

Send in Signing Up Your Congregation form with a voided check or deposit slip.  With this form you authorize the diocesan office to debit your checking account for the full amount of the payroll and the processing charge of $6.00 per person per payroll period. Your staff will receive a W-2 from the Diocese, not from your congregation. Thus, they will be treated for payroll tax purposes as employees of the Diocese, and we will need the same documentation for employment that you have in your files. Please find the forms and worksheets ALL on a single document entitled: “New Hire Enrollment Forms” located on the side bar.

What We Need

    • An Employee New Hire/Enrollment Form – to be completed and signed by the parish authorized official. See sidebar.
    • A Federal Form W-4 for each person. See sidebar.
    • A NYS Form IT-2104 for each employee. See sidebar.
    • A Form I-9 for each person proving that the person is eligible to work in the U.S. See sidebar.
    • A Compensation worksheet. See sidebar.
    • Payroll deduction (if applicable)

For clergy the following additional form will be needed

    •  Tax-Excludable Clergy Parsonage Allowance Certification.

Please find the forms and worksheets ALL on a single document entitled: “New Hire Enrollment Forms” located on the side bar.

Payroll Manager
Ms. Zoraida Marte
Payroll Manager

Office: 212-316-7478
Fax: 212-932-7328

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