Global Women’s Fund 2019 Scholarships and Seminar Grant Recipients

2019 saw the number of Anglican women in developing countries receiving an education grow yet again.   The board is pleased to announce that the following  have been awarded scholarships:

For privacy and security reasons we do not use individuals’ full names.

    • Emily – Kenya – Bachelor of Divinity
    • Ikima – Uganda –Diploma in Early Childhood Development
    • Buenefa – India – Master of Science in Biochemistry
    • Naomi – Tanzania – Degree in Law
    • Yuster – Tanzania – BA in Applied Theology
    • Sarah – Congo – Bachelor of Social Work and Social Administration

The 2019 Grants for Seminars were awarded as follows:

    • Women’s Ministry the Diocese of Kumasi, Ghana: Seminar to train 120 women and girls to be self-sufficient by teaching skills such as financial management and small business development.
    • Mother’s Union of the Anglican Diocese of Katanga: Seminar enhancing awareness of gender-based violence and the connection of GBS to HIV/AIDS for 45 participants.
    • Diocese of Jerusalem and the Middle East – Capacity Building for women to become leaders. The grant will enable 50 women to participate and will be held both in Palestine and in Jordan.
    • Diocese of Soroti, Church of Uganda – Seminar training on Menstrual Hygiene Management for school girls.  This seminar could impact up to 3,000 young women.

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