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Safe Church Training

Sexual Misconduct Awareness and Prevention

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The Episcopal Diocese of New York is committed to keeping our churches and ministries safe. Sexual misconduct on the part of any clergyperson, employee, or volunteer of any congregation, institution, organization, school or agency within the diocese violates the mission of the Church, is prohibited by law, and will not be tolerated.

Using the Safeguarding Training Series published by the Church Pension Fund, the diocese offers Safe Church Training concerning both children and adults, in both in-person and web-based training formats.  Training teaches participants to recognize the signs of sexual abuse and the behavior of sexual perpetrators, how to respond to those signs and behaviors when they are observed, and provides screening information to help stop abuse before it happens.

Safe Church Training (in-person and web-based) is appropriate for persons 16 and older.

Requirements & Expectations

    • The Bishop requires completion of in-person Safe Church Training for:
      –  All clergy
      –  All persons in the ordination process
      –  All persons serving in field education assignments
      –  All Lay Chaplains
      In-person training is mandatory the first time,
      subsequent training can be completed either in-person or online.
    • The Bishop requires before licensure all persons seeking a Lay Eucharistic Visitor license to complete Safe Church Training
      (either in-person or online).
    • The Bishop requires the following to update training every five years (either in-person or online):
      –  All clergy
      –  Lay Eucharistic Visitors
      –  Lay Chaplains
    • The Bishop expects the following employees and volunteers to complete Safe Church Training (either in-person or online):
      –  All employees
      –  Wardens
      –  Vestry members
      –  Pastoral visitors
      –  Youth leaders
      –  Confirmation sponsors
      –  Acolyte leaders
      –  Choir directors
      –  Sunday/Church school teachers
      –  Volunteers working on a regular basis
    • The Bishop expects all employees and volunteers (as listed above) to update training every five years (either in-person or online).

Establishing a requirement to attend Safe Church training as a condition of volunteering or employment is the responsibility of each parish or organization.  It is highly recommended that a statement about attendance requirements be added to the written policies of each parish or organization, and then communicated to every volunteer or employee before they begin work or service.


Training Options

In-person Safe Church Training

Led by an experienced facilitator covering:

    • The Diocese of New York’s policies and procedures.
    • Safeguarding God’s Children
      Awareness & Prevention of Child Sexual Abuse
      Boundary issues, ethical and theological considerations, strategies for prevention in church settings, and response & reporting.
    • Safeguarding God’s People
      Awareness & Prevention of Adult Sexual Harassment & Exploitation
      Trust and safety in ministry, power and boundary issues, ethical and theological considerations, strategies for prevention in church settings, and response & reporting.
    • Certificate of attendance provided by facilitator to attendees at the end of each training.

When is in-person Safe Church Training offered?

    • Twice a year the Diocese offers in-person Safe Church Training; in the fall on a weekday in Manhattan at the Diocesan Offices, and in the spring on a Saturday at a church in the Mid-Hudson Region.
    • When scheduled; training dates and registration info will be listed at the top of this webpage, included on the Diocesan Calendar, and communicated directly to Clergy and Wardens.

Can you schedule in-person a Safe Church Training?

    • Yes, facilitators are available to lead in-person trainings for congregations & institutions in the Diocese of New York.

Things to keep in mind when considering to offer a in-person Safe Church Training:

    • Training includes both Safeguarding God’s Children and Safeguarding God’s People.
    • Training runs approximately 6 hours (including lunch break).
    • Required supplies: television/screen, DVD player, podium/music stand, whiteboard/chalkboard/easel, with appropriate writing instrument, and of course a comfortable space with seating for attendees.
    • Training site responsible for: scheduling facilitator, paying facilitator, printing participant materials, overall organization, and for designating someone for this role (Training Coordinator).
    • Facilitator fee is $500, plus travel / mileage reimbursement. Facilitator will submit invoice by email to training coordinator about a week before training.
    • Printed participant materials must be provided to all attendees.
    • Participant materials will be sent by email to training coordinator for printing about two weeks before training.
    • Certificates of attendance provided by facilitator to attendees at the end of each training.
    • Training is for attendees 16 years or older.
    • Maximum attendance of 40 participants per training.

For list of facilitators or for questions about in-person Safe Church Training, contact:

Human Resources Office
[email protected]


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