2019 Convention Report

Resolutions Printed in the Calendar of Business and Passed at Convention

2019 Resolution: All are Welcome in God’s Church: Responding
to the Lambeth Conference Invitation
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    Resolutions from the Floor Passed at Convention

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        Minimum Clergy Compensation

        will increase as of Jan 1, 2020.
        Click here for the new rates.

        Elected at Convention

        Standing Committee
        Clergy, Class of 2023
        The Rev. Sam Owen

        Standing Committee
        Lay, Class of 2023
        Ms. Mary E. Hendricks

        Committee to Elect a Bishop
        Clergy, Class of 2020
        The Rev. Katharine G. Flexer

        Committee to Elect a Bishop
        Lay, Class of 2020
        Ms. Pauline Siebert

        Trustees of the Diocese
        Class of 2022
        The Rev. Dr. Gawain F. de Leeuw
        The Rev. Margaret Sullivan
        Ms. Sue Monroe

        Diocesan Council
        Class of 2022
        The Rev. Deacon Dorothée R. Caulfield
        The Rev. N. Chase Danford
        The Rev. Kyle Martindale
        Mr. Stuart Auchincloss
        Ms. Sandy Gadsden-McAllister
        Ms. Louise Hannibal-Boyce

        Disciplinary Board
        Class of 2022
        The Rev. Katharine G. Flexer
        The Rev. Leigh E. Hall
        The Rev. Deacon Richard P. Limato PhD
        The Rev. Jennifer M. Owen
        The Rev. Maria Filomena Servellon
        Ms. Nell Braxton-Gibson
        Ms. Paulette Siebert

        Clergy Deputies to General Convention
        The Rev. Theodora N. Brooks
        The Rev. Susan Fortunato
        The Rev. Matthew Hoxsie Mead
        The Rev. Michelle M. Meech

        Lay Deputies to General Convention
        Ms. Carla Burns
        Ms. Wendy Caňas
        Mr. James Forde, Sr.
        Ms. Yvonne O’Neal