St. Ann’s Church for the Deaf

St. Ann’s Church for the Deaf is the center of ministries to people who are Deaf, Deafblind, and hard-of-hearing in our diocese.

All Are Welcome!

Gallaudet portrait

The Rev. Thomas Gallaudet.

The oldest and first church for the Deaf in the United States. St. Ann’s was founded in 1852 by the Rev. Thomas Gallaudet and was incorporated into the Episcopal Church in 1854. Out first service in sign language was held on October 3, 1852 in the chapel of New York University.


Bishop’s Committee Chairperson: Fr. Jacob Smith
Operating Committee Coordinator: Dr. Melissa Inniss, Au.D.
Deacon: The Rev. Dr. Gene Bourquin
347.458.9571  (text only)
646.807.4019 VP (video phone)

209 East 16th Street (off 3rd Ave)
NY, NY 10003
in the lower chapel at St. George’s Church


St. Ann’s Practices Radical Hospitality!

The St. Ann’s congregation is diverse in every way. All are welcome as we come together as one from around the NYC, the greater Tristate area, and sometimes the world, to praise God. Members of our congregation comes from all different races, cultures, and orientations. They include Deaf, Deafblind, hard-of-hearing, and hearing people, those who are fluent in American Sign Language, those learning sign, and people who know no signs (yet). On any given Sunday we may be welcoming Deaf families and their children, sign language students, Deafblind couples, or the curious visitor. Join us!

Sunday Services

We gather every Sunday at 10:30 a.m.
Service Begins at 11:00 a.m. in the lower chapel at
St. George’s Church
209 East 16th Street (off 3rd Ave).

Coffee is served before the service.
Lunch is served after the service.

Thursday Programs

Noon to 1 p.m. Lunch Basement of St. George’s Church

Meetings 1:30 to 4:00 (approximately)
Various programs for fellowship, fun, and learning happen each week. See our announcements for details.