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Rural & Migrant Ministry

RMM in AlbanyRural & Migrant Ministry (RMM) is an integral part of the mission of the Diocese of New York. RMM was created in 1981 (in a unique covenant with four other Protestant denominations) and approved at Diocesan Convention that year to be a ministry of empowerment and advocacy within the rural areas of the Diocese. In the thirty two years since its creation RMM has become a bridge between the congregations of the Diocese, especially those in urban settings, and the rural and migrant communities throughout the Diocese. The covenant between RMM and the Diocese is a commitment to live into our faith as we engage in transformation to create a more just and loving rural New York. Throughout its history thousands have engaged in the ministry of RMM.

RMM has achieved a number of notable successes including: the creation of a childcare Headstart program, the dRMM_logoevelopment of several youth development programs that watched their members attain close to a 100% percent high school graduation rate, and the passage of three pieces of state legislation that have dramatically improved the lives of New York’s farmworkers.

Today Rural and Migrant Ministry is a multi-faith, state-wide organization that works for the creation of a just rural New York State through:

  • Nurturing leadership
  • Standing with the disenfranchised, especially farmworkers and rural laborers
  • Changing unjust systems and structures


RMM’s three major programs are:

  • The Youth Empowerment Program(YEP), a federation of youth leadership development programs, that enable youth to have greater control of their lives as they explore and internalize the concepts of self-worth, leadership and democracy through efforts to create a just society
  • The Accompaniment Program, through which RMM works to develop and connect allies with efforts for rural justice, (of primary concern for RMM is our effort to accompany farmworkers as they organize for justice, equality and dignity)
  • Education, which is a key component of RMM’s commitment to strengthen the leadership of rural and migrant people and to raise the consciousness and support of their allies. RMM offers an array of other programs as well. To find out more about RMM visit its web-site www.ruralmigrantministry.org.