Upcoming Meetings

Episcopal Asian Supper Table (EAST)

The Episcopal Asian Supper Table (EAST) invites all people of Asian ancestry to come together. We are building a united community by sharing stories, developing spiritually, and lifting up our membership as leaders in the Episcopal Diocese of New York.

Our first two years were focused on amazing events. Building on this momentum, our goal this season is to deepen our community’s relationships, cultivate leadership, and continue outreach. Therefore, we are experimenting with a new format this Fall.

What Stays The Same:

  • Monthly gatherings with communal worship
  • Focus on spiritual development
  • Providing a safe space for people to share stories

What’s New:

  • Each month’s meeting will be designated Open or Community
  • Open will be large events featuring a known speaker or to serve as a fundraiser to help us sustain this ministry. General public welcome.
  • Community are smaller gatherings that will create a safe space for participants to discuss the experience of having an Asian background in America. This time will feature intimate conversation on identity, spirituality, race, and leadership.   
  • There will be 3 Open events and 6 Community gatherings this season
  • We will break bread first before all programming – so please come on time! 

Our hope is this mixed format will allow for deeper community and conversations. 


For more information, please email EAST@dioceseny.org.

EAST Planning Team Members

Kris Ishibashi, chair
Alan Wong, clerk
Meghann Wu, treasurer
The Rt. Rev. Allen Shin
Chanmi Byun
The Rev. Patrick Cheng
Audrey Lee
The Rev. Steven Lee
Peggy Lo
Clara Mun
Yunjeong Seol
Pam Tang
Kyoko Toyama
The Rev. Ada Wong-Nagata