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Wardens’ Week 2023 Evaluations

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2023 Wardens Week Evaluations
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June 20 Evaluation

Program for June 20

  1. Safe Church Policies and Procedures
    Alice Yurke, Esq., Chancellor of the Diocese.

  2. Cybersecurity Awareness for Congregations
    Tim Weber, VP Business Development, Cyber74

  3. Basics of Property ManagementEgbert Stolk, Director of Diocesan Property Support Services and Jason Labate, Esq, Partner, Goldstein Hall PLLC

June 21 Evaluation

Program for June 21

  1. Tools to Empower Parish Leaders
    James W. Murphy, CFRE

    Director of Operations and Stewardship Respources, Episcopal Church Foundation

  2. Reparations: An Opportunity Every Congregation
    The Rev. Richard Witt, Co-chair, Diocesan Reparations Commission

June 22 Evaluation

Program for June 22

  1. The College for Congregational Development – For Lay Leaders and Clergy from Every Kind of Congregation
    The Rev. Canon Victor Conrado, Canon for Congregational Vitality

  2. Why the New Episcopal Credit Union Matters to Every Congregation, and How Wardens Can Help It Succeed
    The Rev. Canon Steven Lee, chair of the board of the New York Episcopal Federal Credit Union
    The Rev. Matthew Oprendek, secretary of the board of the New York Episcopal Federal Credit Union

June 24 Evaluation

Program for June 24

The Role of Wardens (Best Practices Make Perfect)
Joseph Harbeson, Esq. Vice-chancellor of the Diocese

Bishop Heyd

Noonday Prayer

Bishop Dietsche


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