The Episcopal Diocese
of New York

1047 Amsterdam Avenue
New York, NY 10025
Tel: (212) 316-7400

Objectives for the Advisory Group and Task Forces

Advisory Group

1) Identification of opportunities, strategies, and vision that position the Diocese of New York to engage God’s mission in ways that are sustainable, innovative, and accessible.
2) Revision or replacement of the 1970 Mission Statement.

Task Force A
The Rev. Bradley Dyche, Chair

 3) Review of the diocese’s governing bodies and practices with recommendations for improvements that would advance God’s mission in the diocese.

Task Force B
The Rev. Claire Woodley, Chair

4) A common understanding of the marks of a healthy congregation.
5) New ways of helping congregations to address their futures.

Task Force C
The Rev. Matthew Mead, Chair

6) A model diocesan budget that reflects the stated mission and is affordable and understandable.
7) A revised and widely supported assessment formula.