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The Episcopal Diocese
of New York

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New York, NY 10025
Tel: (212) 316-7400
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Director of Diocesan Property Services

Mr. Egbert Stolk
Director of Diocesan Property Services

Office: 212-316-7428
[email protected]

Source of the Fund

The Fund  for Repair and Restoration of Church Buildings in the Diocese, which was created by resolution of the Diocesan Trustees in October, 2019, has as its source the proceeds of sales and leases of air rights of congregations in the diocese.

The Fund for Repair and Restoration of Church Buildings in the Diocese

Annual Application Deadline ~ June 1

Purpose of the Fund – Additional to Existing Property Support Grants and Loans, Includes Carbon Footprint Reduction

The income from the Fund will be disbursed in support of

  1. Repair and restoration of church buildings in the Diocese in addition to the existing Property Support Grants and Loans issued by the Diocese.
  2. Initiatives to improve a building’s envelope and/or mechanical systems with the purpose to significantly reduce the building’s carbon footprint.


Congregations may apply for disbursement from the Fund for the repair and restoration work for their buildings, including, but not limited to:

  • foundation and structural work
  • façade restoration and roof work (including waterproofing)
  • window and door repairs or replacement
  • new HVAC systems that reduce a building’s carbon footprint
  • fire protection systems.
  • interior repairs


Disbursements from the Fund are not available for properties that are solely used for income-producing purposes or for properties that house programs or organization that are not under the legal control of the congregation’s vestry; however, portions of the property used by the congregation will continue to be eligible for the Fund.


Disbursements from the Fund are not designed to underwrite the full cost of the project and congregations are expected to pay a proportionate share of the project cost through their own financial resources. The maximum disbursement of the Fund for each application is 20% of the annual drawdown received each year from the Fund.

Requests for work underway or already completed cannot be considered.  

How to Apply


All requests must originate from the congregation’s vestry (or other ruling body recognized by the diocese.) The congregation must be in good standing with its diocesan financial and administrative commitments including but not limited to:

  • Apportioned share
  • Loan payments
  • Filing of the congregation’s parochial report
  • Submission of their annual audit
  • Current with the congregation’s property insurance premiums

Requests for work underway or already completed cannot be considered.


Applications will be accepted once a year, no later than the end of the first business day of June.


Please ensure that you have all information and materials ready before you begin to fill out the form. You will not be able to return to complete it later. 

Requests must  originate from your congregation’s vestry (or other ruling body recognized by the diocese) and include or be accompanied by:

  • A statement of the nature of the request
  • Preferably, a minimum of two (2) contractor/vendor bids, although three (3) bids are highly recommended for certain work
  • Work specifications
  • Any necessary photo documentation that show current conditions
  • If applicable, any architectural or engineering conditions report
  • For improvements on the carbon footprint of the building, documentation of the existing heating systems and annual gas/oil/electrical usage.

The approval of the request is at the discretion of the Fund Committee consisting of the Chief of Finance and Operations, the Treasurer, and the Director of Diocesan Property Services.

Application Form

Please note that the form will expand as you progress through it.

Questions? Please contact the Director of Property Services (see top of left sidebar for contact details).
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