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Ewart College Students

Ewart College Students

India Network

The India Network encourages friendships and partnerships between the Diocese of New York and Christians in India through pilgrimage, education, and support of programs that benefit people in need. It strives to create an inclusive community by embracing everyone irrespective of caste, race, color, gender, cultural stereo types or economic status.

Founded by Archdeacon Michael Kendal and Rev. Gideon Jebamani in 1999, in the past few years the India Network  has forged new relationships for our diocese beyond its initial one with the Diocese of Madras. Our hope is that any existing or new relationships with the “church” in India will be defined by our involvement and encouragement of what we deem “locally sustainable” endeavors, whether in terms of economic empowerment or other issues of justice.

The India Network supports

    • The education of Dalit (formally called Untouchable) women at CSI Ewart Women’s Christian College in the Diocese of Madras
      This partnership with Ewart College was established under the direction of the Rt. Rev. Dr. V. Devasahayam, Bishop of Madras and has channeled funds from fundraisers, diocesan churches, the Global Women’s Commission and individual donors towards a variety of projects including scholarships, a visiting ESL teacher, water purifier, and projector. While the students at Ewart College come from one of the most persecuted groups in India, its graduates have become biologists, nutritionist, nurses and priests.  View our Ewart College Video below.

    • The Transgendered Community in the Diocese of Madras.
      The Rev. Christopher Rathnaswamy spent one Fall in New York with Callen Lorde, in an effort to learn and exchange ideas as a Christian Indian priest  ministering to the Transgender community in Tamil Nadu while undergoing clinical training at Roosevelt Hospital.

    • Nagaland Handloom Project
      This project in the northern state of Nagaland came about as a direct result of our partnership with the Rev. Chingmak Kejong in response to requests by women in various villages to have a central place to learn the use of a newer and more efficient loom for weaving traditional textiles. A piece of land adjacent to the site for a new village church was donated, and a building is currently under construction, with partial funding from the diocese’s Global Mission Commission. The intention is to teach destitute women the skills to weave, sew and market traditional textile products, with the project becoming self-sustaining within five to eight years.
    • Diocese of Eastern Himalaya Blanket Project
      Under the auspices of the Rev. Kiran Sharma, this   project provides blankets to rural villages on the borders of India, Nepal and Bhutan. This outreach has not only been tremendous help to these very poor and cold mountain villages, it has also been a great way of making the presence of the Christian church know to her neighbors as a compassionate and embracing community. The India Network with the help of Global missions hope this project will work toward self sufficiency.

Parishes, institutions and organizations critically involved in this work include:

    • All Angels’ Church, Manhattan

    • The Church of the Regeneration, Pine Plains

    • St. Mary’s Church, Scarborough

    • St. Bartholomew’s, Manhattan

    • St. Michael’s, Manhattan

    • St. Mark’s-in-the-Bowery, Manhattan

    • Christ Church, Riverdale


Mission Office Contacts

The Rev. Yamily Bass-Choate
Liaison for Global Mission

Office: 212-316-7432
Fax: 212-932-7345

The Rt. Rev. Mary D. Glasspool
Bishop Assistant

Office: 212-316-7442

Ms. Michelle Chang
Executive Assistant to the Bishop Suffragan and the Assistant Bishop

Office: 212-316-7484
Fax: 212-316-7405

Born into Brothels

Dalit Rights Report
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2015 Convention Resolution on Dalit Rights

Whereas, The Diocese of New York recognizes the human rights violation of discrimination based on caste and descent:

[4] Resolved: that the 239th Convention of the Episcopal Diocese of New York condemn the human rights violation of discrimination based on caste and descent and supports its elimination particularly as it occurs within the United States both within and outside the Church; and further[5] Resolved: that the 239th Convention of the Episcopal Diocese of New York call on congregations in the Diocese of New York to acknowledge the fundamental injustice of caste-and descent-based discrimination, a clear human rights violation; and further[6] Resolved: that the Episcopal Diocese of New York engage in legislative advocacy and education to raise awareness of the pervasive nature of this human rights violation; and further[7] Resolved: that the Episcopal Diocese of New York charge the India Network with the preparation of an e-mail document outlining caste-and descent-based discrimination and the atrocities associated with it, such document to be distributed to all Diocesan parishes before the next Convention of the Episcopal Diocese of New York.

Prof at Board

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Nagaland Weaving

Nagaland Weaving