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Global Women’s Fund 2017 Scholarships and Grants

In May 2017, the Global Women’s Fund was pleased to award seven scholarships to women pursuing higher education and grants for four seminars.

The awards included the first Bishop Catherine S. Roskam Scholarship, established in 2017 to honor Bishop Roskam’s vision and initiative in establishing the Fund for the education of global Anglican women and girls. The recipient is Elisa, a priest in the Anglican Church in Mexico, where few clergy who are women have higher degrees. Elisa will pursue advanced biblical studies with a research interest in Jesus’ pedagogy in The Gospel of John. She will use what she learns to develop teaching methodologies for her own teaching, educating others in Mexico in the Christian faith and life.

The scholarships and seminar grants awarded in 2017 were:

Individual Scholarships
Due to security concerns in some countries, the Global Women’s Fund publishes only the first names of scholarship recipients.
Alouna – Haiti – Bachelors Degree in Nursing.
Elisa – Mexico – Masters Degree in Estudios Teológicos en Ministerios Latinos en Español
Judi – Philippines – Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice Education.
Mary – Kenya – Bachelors Degree in Business Administration.
Megie – Philippines – Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice Education.
Sarah – Uganda – Certificate in Records Management Information.
Sunshine – Philippines – Bachelor of Theology

Seminar Grants
Ghana – Training in Income-saving and Income-generating Skills.
India – Empowering Women’s Leadership in Mission.
Myanmar – Seminar for Community Health Workers and Traditional Birth Attendants.
Philippines – ECW of St. Francis of Assisi Economic Development.

We invite you to join in the Global Women’s Funds important mission by donating online. Thank you for your generosity and commitment to empowering Anglican women and girls across the world for leadership in their communities.

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