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Global Women’s Fund 2016 Scholarships and Grants

The Global Women’s Fund of the Episcopal Diocese of New York in 2016 awarded six scholarships and five seminar grants, totaling $46,000.

The six individual scholarship winners were:

  • Carolyne of the Anglican Diocese of Bondo, Kenya
    Masters in Theology
  • Cecilia of The Episcopal Diocese of Southern Philippines
    Masters in Divinity
  • Irene of the Anglican Diocese of Bondo, Kenya
    Bachelor of Business and Information Technology
  • Nomagugu of the Anglican Diocese of Swaziland
    Advanced Diploma in Community Development
  • Noncendo of the Anglican Diocese of Swaziland
    Diploma in Sign Language
  • Tobhie of the Anglican Diocese of Swaziland
    Diploma in Technology and Consulting

Because of concerns about security in some countries only the first names of the individual scholarship recipients are included here.

The five seminars were:

  • Diocese of Bonds, Kenya: “Mothers for Leaderships and Empowered Society”
    This seminar equipped leaders with skills to organize and manage table banking and community based health care financing.
  • Episcopal Anglican Church of Brazil: “Jesus and Gender: Empowering Women to Address Gender Related Violence in their Communities from a Gospel Perspective” 
    This seminar offered awareness and training to local women to assist others in confronting issues of gender and violence.
  • Diocese of Nagpur, India: “Empowering Girls through Self Defense Techniques” 
    This seminar equipped girls exploring public life to make mature decisions in situations in which they are experiencing greater independence.
  • Diocese of Eastern Himalaya: “Pariwartan (Transformation)”
    This seminar provided education in parenting, health and hygiene, nutrition, and alcoholism.
  • Diocese of Central Tanganyika, Msalato Theological College: “The Role of Women in Church in Regard to Sexuality, Gender Based Violence, HIV and Youth”
    This seminar trained women to assist youth in regard to sexuality, gender based violence, and HIV/AIDS.