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Bishop Calls for Prayers for India

May 1, 2021

In an email sent to the clergy and people of the diocese today, Bishop Dietsche called for prayers for the people of India in the face of surge in that country of coronavirus infections and deaths. The text of his email is as follows. The email may be read as sent at https://conta.cc/3gV2rTt.

May 1, 2021
A Prayer for India
Dear Brothers and Sisters,
In the current surge of coronavirus infections and deaths in India, we are learning of family and friends of clergy and people of the Indian diaspora here in the Diocese of New York. The situation is dire, and the prayers of the diocese are being asked. I have composed the following prayer for use in our churches, and ask that you include this in the intercessions of your parish in your Sunday and daily worship:
Gracious God, helper of all who turn to you for strength and succor, we ask your presence and protection for the people of India, suffering so terribly in the immediate surge of coronavirus infection and in the unbearable loss of so many people in these unprecedented numbers. We ask healing and restoration for those made sick by this viral infection, and pray that you will move the hearts of the leaders of countries to provide vaccine and oxygen and resources to help India confront and battle this surge and bring comfort, relief and healing to the suffering. We pray you to surround the sick with the mantle of your loving protection, and to come to the dying with hope and peace. As we pray for the people of India, in this terrible surge, we continue to offer intercession for people across the world facing the peril of coronavirus, and the fear and grief which are the fruit of this disease. Make us brave and strong and faithful to live into our high calling in times of extraordinary uncertainty, that we may always and in every circumstance make our witness to your love for all people through our Lord Jesus Christ. And we ask all these things for the sake of your Name. Amen.
Dietsche sig
The Right Reverend Andrew ML Dietsche
Bishop of New York