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 2014 Indaba Celebration


Indaba Celebration at Granite SpringsThe first series of Indaba conversations to take place within the Diocese of New York   concluded on Saturday, May 3, with a celebration and barbecue at the Church of the Good Shepherd.  About 200 people from the 54 congregational teams were present, along with many of the 17 facilitators of the Indaba.  Groups of three congregations, each representing very different contexts for mission, met together over three weekends in October, January and April to experience what the life of the church looks like in another part of the diocese.

Indaba celebration at Granite Springs 2014Bishop Andrew Dietsche noted that the enthusiasm that was so evident among those gathered indicated that the Indaba had succeeded in building new, and sometimes unlikely, friendships across the three regions of the diocese.  The goal of the Indaba, to develop “a shared understanding of our common life,” is well underway thanks to the experience of the Indaba weekends. Teams of four persons from each congregation spent three weekends together, Saturday morning through Sunday afternoon, with each congregation in the group hosting a weekend.  During that time, the host team acquainted their visitors with the life of the congregation and its community, as well as time spent getting to know one another on a personal level.  Visitors were the overnight guests on Saturday night in the homes of host team members or others from the congregation.

Indaba Celebration at Granite Springs, 2014The celebration concluded with a big barbecue of pulled pork sandwiches and all the trimmings, hosted by the Reverend Matthew Mead and members of the Church of the Good Shepherd.  Blessed with a beautiful day, tables were set up on the church grounds where Indaba group members ate, visited with one another, and shared highlights of their Indaba weekends.