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The Episcopal Diocese
of New York

1047 Amsterdam Avenue
New York, NY 10025
Tel: (212) 316-7400
Chief of Finance and Operations

Ms. Esslie Hughes
Chief of Finance and Operations

Office: 212-316-7409
Fax: 212-316-7481

2019 Wardens’ Conference Videos and Materials

Videos include:

  • The Role of Wardens by Alice Yurke, Esq., Vice Chancellor of the Diocese of New York

  • Church Revitalization and New Church Development by the Rt. Rev. Allen K. Shin, Bishop Suffragan

  • Sermon at the Holy Eucharist by the Rev. Deacon Geoffrey T. Smith

  • Panel Discussion: Living into Open Doors. Moderator: The Rev. Matthew Heyd
    Panelists: Jewellyn Holder, Ed. D.; Lanny Miller; Susan Monroe; Maurice Seaton

  • About Apportioned Shares:  A Reference Guide for Congregations by the Rev. Matthew Hoxsie Mead

  • What Once Was Old, Is New Again (Diocesan Investment Trust) by John B. Trammell

  • Bishop Dietsche

Please click through on the main window or the thumbnails to find the one you want.

The Rev. M.H. Mead ~ About Apportioned Shares
Download 10.79 MB
A. Yurke, Esq. ~ The Role of Wardens
Download 322.76 KB
Bishop Shin ~ Church Revitalization and New Church Development
Download 1.23 MB
A. Yurke, Esq ~ El papel de los guardianes: Actuando esta noche
Download 328.46 KB
J. Trammell ~ Fideicomiso de Inversión Diocesana de Nueva York
Download 2.27 MB
The Rev. M.H. Mead ~ Acerca de los Pagos Compartidos ~ Una Guía de Referencia para las Congregaciones
Download 2.84 MB
Bishop Shin ~ Revitalización de la Iglesia y Desarrollo de la Nueva Iglesia
Download 1.24 MB
J. Trammell ~ Diocesan Investment Trust
Download 9.67 MB