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Safeguarding Online Parish Administrator Registration


Safeguarding OnlineTM is a web-based Safe Church training program provided by the Church Pension Group (CPG), and already used with great success in many dioceses across The Episcopal Church. 

Safeguarding Online

    • Is free.
    • Will empower your parish to adopt and ensure compliance with the diocese’s recently updated training expectations (click here to see those diocesan expectations).
    • Is provided in addition to the face-to-face trainings, Safeguarding God’s Children and Safeguarding God’s People. The diocese will continue to offer these twice a year.
    • Is managed for the diocese by the Safeguarding Online Manager.
    • Is managed at the parish level by your own Safeguarding Online Administrator.

The Safeguarding Online Administrator

    • oversees Safeguarding Online implementation and use at your parish.
    • assists the parish’s employees and volunteers with successfully completing Safeguarding Online.
    • ensures compliance with the parish’s training and reporting expectatins by working with the parish leadership.
    • is supported by the diocesan Safeguarding Online Manager.

It is important that the Safeguarding Online Administrator have some long-term accountability to the operations of your congregation, and be able to effectively administer a web-based program. For this reason the ideal candidate is

    • Someone from your administrative staff, or a priest from your clergy staff. If your organization is a small one with only one clergy employee, that clergy person would be the best candidate. If your congregation has no paid employees, a warden or vestry member is also acceptable.
    • Someone comfortable using a computer, and familiar with the Internet.


Parish Safeguarding Online

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Safeguarding Online Administrator Registration
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