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2023 – 2024 Diocesan Photography Project

In a project inspired by the transition year theme of Many Threads, One Fabric, we are looking for photographers willing to make a commitment to record the life and activities of the diocese in all its richness and diversity, in their area and beyond it, over the coming 12 months. Subjects may be their own congregation, but also other Episcopal congregations nearby, and their interactions with their wider community. If the subject of a photograph is connected to the life of the church (even if you need to explain the connection in a caption), then it is eligible.

All images will be published in online galleries, and in 2024 the best (as judged by a panel as yet unformed) will be framed and hung on the walls of Bishop Heyd’s residence and elsewhere in the diocesan offices.

Apart from relevance (as explained above) there are only two absolute requirements: photographs should be in focus—whether as a result of your skill in taking them, or your skill in processing them afterwards; and they should be taken at the highest resolution possible – particularly if taken on a smartphone.

We are, of course, always eager to receive photographs from anyone at any time of parish and regional events (and diocesan events, too). In this instance, however, we are asking that if you would like to participate formally, you sign up using the form below.

2023 Photographer Sign Up
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What equipment do you use to take photographs?
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What is (or how would you rate) your status as a photographer?
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If we were to form a committee to refine and improve this project, would you be interested in joining it?
What would you most enjoy taking photos of (please selet all that apply)?