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The Episcopal Diocese
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The UN GIFT Box is a walk-in piece of public art that is a unique way to raise awareness about human trafficking.  The outside is like a giant wrapped gift, inviting you in with promises of a better life, great-paying work, travel and education. But once inside, you are presented with a different story: Those promises are lures to entice people into situations of human trafficking. Visitors to the inside of the Box learn about the dangers of human trafficking and the realities that trafficked persons face.

The GIFT Box was launched during the London Olympics in 2012 in partnership with Stop the Traffik and made its U.S. debut in Union Square during the 2014 Superbowl. It has been all over the world and is returning to New York City.

From November 4 to November 15, the GIFT Box will be inside the Cathedral of St. John the Divine, after spending two weeks at Port Authority.  From November 16 through the rest of 2015, the GIFT Box will be next to the Peace Fountain on Cathedral grounds.