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Indaba 2021

The Episcopal Diocese of New York invites all parishes now to plan your congregation’s participation in Indaba. Indaba is a Zulu word meaning conversation within the community. Our diocese is a very diverse community, and diversity is one of our strengths. Indaba 2021 will create a safe place to talk about race, and class, and the history of our churches. We seek to create an event that allows the Holy Spirit to make meaningful and lasting transformation in our communities and in each of us.

Indaba 2021 will match members from three congregations across three weekends. The committee plans to form Indaba groups that are diverse in race, class and locality.  We hope by the end of Indaba 2021, participants will have a deeper understanding of and affection for people in the diocese who are different from themselves. The participants will eat together, worship together and stay in each other’s homes.  We believe this proximity enables us to help build the Body of Christ, as we love and accept people who are different from us.

Participants will be tasked with bringing the experience back to their congregation. We hope that the things they learn from Indaba weekends become leaven in the dough of their parishes. The bread we seek to bake is hope and healing during these fractured and polarized times.

We will kick off this Indaba in the Fall of 2021, as we expect social distancing restrictions to be relaxed. If you participated in the prior Indabas you know this is worth doing again. If you didn’t participate last time, don’t miss this opportunity! 

Contact for Indaba 2021
The Rev. Sam Owen