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Global Women’s Fund 2015 Scholarships and Grants Announced


The Global Women’s Fund of the Episcopal Diocese of New York is pleased to announce its 2015 awards for nine higher education scholarships for Anglican women and for three seminars which build the capacity of women and girls in the developing world. This year’s grants total almost $43,000. Out of concerns about security in some countries, we are providing only the first names of scholarship recipients.

Through its Sister-to-Sister program, funded by ordained women and supporting Anglican women studying theology, a scholarship has been awarded to the Reverend Pendo (Diocese of Central Tanganyika, Tanzania) who will enter the Bachelor of Applied Theology program at Msalato Theological College in Dodoma, Tanzania. Pendo, like most clergy in Tanzania, was ordained after she was awarded a Diploma in Applied Theology, and few are able to go on to complete the Bachelor degree. She writes, “I have found in the parish that I need more training in leadership. I also need more knowledge of the Bible so I can help the people understand where God’s power is in their lives.” Pendo joins two other women as Sister-to-Sister scholars who have begun their studies: Jenny (Diocese of North Central Philippines), studying for the Master of Divinity at St. Andrew’s Theological Seminary, and Siede (Diocese of Liberia), studying for the Master of Theology at Cuttington University.

Eight scholars will receive funding for their studies toward degrees and certificates, beginning this year:

  • Glenda (Diocese of El Salvador), for a Degree as a Nursing Technician
  • Irene (Diocese of Rift Valley, Tanzania), for the Bachelor in Civil Engineering
  • Tracey (Diocese of Swaziland), for Certificate in Paramedics
  • Penelope (Diocese of Swaziland), for Certificate in Paramedics
  • Chazile (Diocese of Swaziland), for the Master of Business Administration
  • Furaha (Diocese of Rift Valley, Tanzania), for a Certificate in Nursing and Midwifery
  • Ponvizhi (Diocese of Madras, India), for the Master of Computer Application
  • Buhle (Diocese of Zululand, South Africa), for an Advance Certificate in Education

These women join our Global Women’s Fund scholars who are continuing their studies:

  • Aksa (Diocese of Ruaha, Tanzania), Bachelor of Theology
  • Diana (Diocese of North Central Philippines), Bachelor of Christian Education
  • Kenia (Diocese of El Salvador), Master of Local Development
  • Remy (Diocese of North Central Philippines), Bachelor of Education
  • Sophia (Diocese of Rift Valley, Tanzania), Certificate in Teaching
  • Ange (Diocese of Byumba, Rwanda), Bachelor of Medicine
  • Mariam (Diocese of Rift Valley, Tanzania), Bachelor of Accountancy
  • Angelyn (Diocese of North Central Philippines), Bachelor of Christian Education

The Global Women’s Fund has also provided grants to three dioceses for seminars designed to build the capacity of Anglican women in their communities:

  • Diocese of North Central Philippines: to equip teachers with skills in basic pastoral counseling and proper intervention in cases of child abuse and domestic violence at Easter College, Baguio City, in the elementary, high school and special education departments. (June 2015)
  • Diocese of Jerusalem and the Middle East: to support their “Active Citizens” program which aims to build the capacity of Women to identify community needs, to develop ways to address community needs, and to encourage income-generating projects to strengthen local economies. (November 2015)
  • Diocese of Swaziland: to hold a group seminar to promote gender equality and equitable norms that enable women and girls to protect themselves from HIV and other STDs, unwanted pregnancies, unsafe abortions, early marriages and harmful cultural practices. The intergenerational model of the seminar will encourage mentoring programs. Swaziland’s bishop, the Right Rev. Ellinah Wamukoya, is one of two women serving as bishops in the Province of Southern Africa. (August 2015)

Within the past year several Global Women’s Scholars have completed their studies:

  • Martha (Diocese of Juba, South Sudan), Diploma in Theology
  • Faith (Diocese of Nairobi, Kenya), Bachelor in International Studies
  • Veera (Diocese of Madras, India), Bachelor of Medicine
  • Denise (Diocese of Haiti), Bachelor in Theology
  • Mediatrice (Province of Congo), Bachelor in Economic Sciences
  • Catherine (Diocese of Mundri, South Sudan), Diploma in Theology

Other seminars recently funded by the Global Women’s Fund have focused on women’s leadership in the northern region of the Diocese of Haiti, and on training for clergy wives and for unmarried girls in the Province of Congo.

Applications for 2016 scholarships and seminar grants are being distributed in November to Global Women’s Fund sponsors around the world who recommend women and women’s groups to the Board. Applications will be due by January 31, 2016, with awards to be announced not later than May 1.

To learn more about the Global Women’s Fund or to make a contribution, click here.