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Resources for Remembering the Anniversary of 9/11

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    Additional Resources

    The following list of resources was compiled by Amy Cook, Diocese of Massachusetts, to whom many thanks.

    Liturgical resources:

    • The Presbyterian Church has a collection of excellent resources.
    • Awareness Sunday:  a curriculum project of the Awareness Foundation and the Church of England to promote religious dialogue and tolerance:  “The Foundation was established to help Christians make sense of their faith and culture in the 21st century, and to increase awareness of their neighbors’ faiths and cultures, so that they can live in a diverse society without fear and without compromising their beliefs.”  This site has been changing over the past few weeks, but for liturgical resources go to the home page then look under the tab for “Resources.”

    For children:

    Encouraging personal service and participation on September 11:

    For Clergy:


    • 11 Days of Prayer: Series of daily scripture readings and prayers and meditations produced by the Presbyterian Church.  In its present format it can be printed out as a handout.  However, consider daily EMAILS to parishioners, or perhaps even TEXTS or TWEETS of the material.  These well-written and crafted pieces have the potential to help people establish a daily practice of prayer, reading, and reflection.
    • Personal Stories of Transformation from 9/11: This online, video-based curriculum, though designed for 5th – 12th graders in public schools, can be used with adults as well as youth.  The stories are well-filmed and provide examples of those who made positive meaning out of the horror and tragedy of 9/11.
    • “Where is God when Disaster Strikes?”  This adult study is from The Thoughtful Christian online publishing house and made available for free use.