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Ordination, Residence, Licensing


The Bishop normally presides at Diocesan services of ordination to the transitional deacon in March, priesthood in September and vocational diaconate in May. These Diocesan services take place in the Cathedral Church of Saint John the Divine. Under special circumstance, additional ordinations may occur in parishes. For information on ordinations, or the process leading to ordination in the Episcopal Diocese of New York please visit the Ministry Office page of this website or contact the  Canon for Ministry.

Canonical Residence

This subject, including the related subject of  Letters Dimissory, is covered in the National Canons:

  • For Clergy if Churches in communion, Canon III.10.2(a)(2)
  • Of Deacons, Canon III.7.6(b)
  • Of Priests, Canon III.9.4
  • Of a resigned or retired Bishop, Canon III.12.8(i)-(j)

For more information read the guidelines, or contact the Canon for Transition Ministry.

Licenses to Officiate

This subject is covered in Title III, Canon 9, Section 6(a) of the National Canons. For more information read  the guidelines, or contact the Canon for Transition Ministry.