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Alice Yurke, Esq. Appointed Chancellor, Joseph Harbeson, Esq. Appointed Vice-Chancellor of the Diocese of New York

Bishop Dietsche recently announced the appointment, effective January 1, 2020, of Alice Yurke, Esq. as the new Chancellor of the Episcopal Diocese of New York, and Joseph Harbeson, Esq. as a new Vice-Chancellor. Yurke, who served as Vice-Chancellor from 2007 to 2019, succeeds Canon George Wade, Esq., who is stepping down after serving the diocese and its bishops with great distinction and dedication as Chancellor since 1991, and as Vice-Chancellor before that. Bishop Dietsche honored Chancellor Wade for his service by naming him an honorary Canon of the Diocese during the most recent Diocesan Convention in November 2019.

Alice Yurke at a Warden’s Conference

“I am delighted that Alice Yurke has agreed to take on the vital duties of the Chancellorship,” Bishop Dietsche said. “For twelve years, she has served the Diocese of New York as Vice-

Chancellor with generosity, consummate professionalism, and humanity; I now look forward to receiving from her the invaluable legal advice and support that I have hitherto received from my dear friend Chancellor George Wade, who was a trusted adviser, counselor, and confidant to three bishops of New York over a span of 28 years.”

Yurke, a member of St. Bartholomew’s Church in Manhattan and partner in the Dentons law firm, will be succeeded as Vice-Chancellor by Joseph Harbeson, Esq., a member of St. John’s Church, Tuckahoe, and partner in the firm of Ruskin Moscou Faltischek in Uniondale, NY. Raymond Vandenberg, Esq., also a member of St. Bartholomew’s and recently retired from the practice of law in New York City, stepped down as Vice-Chancellor of the Diocese at the end of 2019 after nine years of service.

Joseph Harbeson, Esq.

“We have been blessed since I became bishop with the wisdom and commitment of three outstanding attorneys in Chancellor Wade and Vice-Chancellors Yurke and Vandenberg,” said Bishop Dietsche. “Yet for everything there is a season, and a time for every matter under heaven. Now it is time for us to bid farewell and offer heartfelt thanks to our good and faithful friend and servant, George Wade, to congratulate Alice Yurke as she takes on the responsibilities of the Chancellorship, to wish Ray Vandenberg all the joy of new adventures and opportunities in retirement, and to extend a warm welcome to the Vice-Chancellorship to another distinguished lawyer, Joseph Harbeson.”