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244th Diocesan Convention Report

November 7, 2020

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the 244th Convention of the diocese was conducted online via Zoom on Saturday November 7, 2020, with the exception that the bishops and other essential participants were at the Cathedral of St. John the Divine, appropriately distanced from one another. 

The formal Convention of November 7 was preceded by a series of online “roll out” meetings, which formed part of the official proceedings. At these roll out meetings,  the key ministries of the diocese delivered presentations, the chair of the Budget Committee, the Rev. Matt Mead, presented the proposed 2021 Diocesan Budget, and the resolutions slated to come before the Convention were introduced. Recordings of these meetings are show below, along with a recording of the November 2 Convention Service, at which the Reverend Canon Kelly Brown Douglas, Dean of Episcopal Divinity School at Union Theological Seminary, was the preacher. 

Full Convention Videos including Bishops’ Addresses and Reports

Locations of Addresses:

Bishop Dietsche: Part 1, minute 20:00
Bishop Shin: Part 2, minute 9:40
Bishop Glasspool: Part 3, minute 0:35

A Video presentation of Episcopal Futures, the new diocesan program that was recently awarded a $1 million grant by the Lilly Endowment. 

Roll Out Meetings and Convention Service

Texts of Bishops’ Addresses

Bishop Dietsche's 2020 Convention Address
Download 237.56 KB
Bishop Shin's 2020 Convention Address
Download 139.79 KB
Bishop Glasspool's 2020 Convention Report
Download 138.87 KB

    Elections and Resolutions

    Diocesan Canons with Changes to Canon 12 Marked
    Download 517.68 KB
    Results of 2020 Elections to Diocesan Offices
    Download 128.97 KB
    2021 Narrative Budget Approved at 244th Convention
    Download 452.80 KB
    2021 Diocesan Budget Approved at 244th Convention
    Download 57.25 KB