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2019 Holy Land Pilgrimage Balance Payment

Please use the form below to calculate and submit your balance payment.

Note: This form is only for use by those who have already made a reservation and paid a deposit. If you wish to make a reservation, please click here.

2019 Holy Land Balance Payment

Total Cost now payable (not including airfare) is $2,095 + $155 in tips* = $2,250 per person.

  • plus $575 single room supplement if applicable
  • less your deposit** and any other payments that you have already made.

*please note that the tips are payable now.
**The deposit was $360 per person.

Default value - please change if necessary.
Default value - please change if necessary.

Card payment

Card billing address


Please contact Melissa Lopez-Sanchez.
[email protected]. 212-316-7413